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Now Reading: Guns, Germs and Steel

Posted by CK on August 13, 2007

Read more on this blog, at my Yahoo blog site.

More than just a book, i have had some important questions about history, or atleast what we call history today. more…


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Posted by CK on August 4, 2007

I started the wordpress site in the hope that i would blog here or move my Yahoo 360 blog here. But i have decided to stick with Yahoo. So if you land here, you can read up more on my blog at

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Trees cause pollution !!

Posted by CK on January 12, 2006

There has to be logic behind this. I am little fed up of these different studies that prove everything and anything, and then quickly disprove the same. Obviously there are some blind people and there is a big elephant somewhere. I only wish that the newspapers and journals that print this story also indicate who the sponsors of the study were. Because it appears that a large number of studies are specifically initiated to ensure findings on behalf of these sponsors.

I guess, its time to cut the trees down. Well, then, who will convert all the carbon-di-oxide into oxygen ?

Global warming: blame the forests

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Posted by CK on January 1, 2006

I think its about time, that the BCCI takes control of the cricket world. What i mean is, that India funds the coffers of ICC. The game with the highest ratings and money are the ones that feature Team India. Given this, i dont see why BCCI should not dictate terms to the ICC, or make sure that things and rules and regulations that are favourable to it are passed thru at the ICC. This is how the world of sport works. Money controls everything. It just so happens that for the last decade or more, money for cricket comes from India. Because this is a sport that has losts its charm in countries other than the sub-continent. And a lot of this credit must go to Jagmohan Dalmiya. It is a different fact, that he later wanted to run the BCCI like his next door pawn shop. The spectators, the citizen of India, and the sub-continent are the ones who now support and fund this game. The sponsors have come in big droves because of this huge following. It is unfortunate, that other sports in India have had to take a back bench. I see a point in the current stand that BCCI is taking. I am not sure how good this is for team India, who can make any match, even if it is Bangladesh or Zimbabwe, turn into an exciting game with their lacklustre performance and overconfident approach.

Anger over India’s threat to Test schedule
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The art of writing

Posted by CK on December 28, 2005

Something i read in The Hindu, prompted to start on this. It was also based on some personal experiences and observations of mine. I noticed that i am finding it increasingly difficult to get my spellings right (thanks to MS Word and other programs), making simple mistakes when i write on a piece of paper (missing the back-space key, my favourite key), and also finding it difficult to keep concentrating on the piece of paper i am writing on.

In an attempt to prove myself wrong, and think these were just perceptions of mine, i tried to sit down and write a letter. Something that i have not in a long while. And quickly i found how, how a profoundly difficult job, this had become. It was one thing to scribble notes and jot down points in a meeting etc. But an entirely different proposition to sit down and write your thoughts, specially on paper.

Technology has changed our lives so much that we have reduced or eliminated many functions we were used to in our daily lives. This may not be such a bad thing. But language skills and communication ability is not necessarily improving with the advent of technology. Thanks to SMS, people are now finding it difficult to actually spell out words. I received this message on my IM, yesterday, “k.i vl do dat”. It took me a few seconds, before my sms challenged brain figured out the meaning, “ok, i will do that”. It also doesnt make too much sense from a sms point of view, because most, if not all, phones support the text-complete(T9) feature that actually suggests/complete words.

Another quick comment on the technology, which is a seperate topic for discussion, but has to wait for another day. A friend of mine had this to say, “all this technology is supposed to make life easier. its not, its only making life more complicated“.

A word in hand is worth…

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Parlimentary history in India

Posted by CK on December 26, 2005

So finally the hidden camera, and other sting operations are paying off. This has to be some kind of history. I am sure the opposition and many will think this smacks of politics. Well its all politics anyway.
Hope this starts a trend. But i am confident of the politicians figuring ways around this. Afterall these kinds of techinques were invented in the developed democracies of the west, and corruption does still exist there.

But there is hope. I believe that strongly, that there is always hope, and this problem (corruption) will reduce in its intensity and particularly will focus away from the day to day lives of people.

11 MPs expelled amid BJP opposition

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True ?

Posted by CK on December 26, 2005

Most certainly. Atleast as far as my observation goes. Altho’ this is not directed against the blacks alone. It applies to all people who are part of the non-white community.

Many times these are subtle, and many times they are not itended to hurt. But always it does make the person at the recieving end uncomfortable. Very untypical of the culture i was born into and raised. So for me personally, the initial years in the US were a big facade.

Take for example a simple fact like footwear. Until recently when Nike and a few others promoted the alternative footwear, wearing anything other shoes, brought people to stare at you. So, slippers, pull ons etc were not quite acceptable. Yeah, yeah, arguments can be made about health, smell etc. And i agree they are not something that can be discounted completely. Yet, one must also understand and respect the differences.

Mary J. Blige says America is racist

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Insat-4A Launched !!

Posted by CK on December 23, 2005

Successfully launched yesterday from the European Space Agency vehicle Ariane.
The latest in the series of INSAT, and one of the heaviest and largest launched & built by India. ISRO doesnt have the capability to launch satellites of this size at this time, and is constantly upgrading its vehicle. There are about 3-4 launches scheduled by IRSO for the year of 2006.

India has the biggest constellation of satellites dedicated to remote sensing (the IRS series), but the application of the satellite technology is lagging far behind. As i had scribbled earlier, we are way behind in weather forecasting and related applications. We have shown the capability of engineering and launching these satellites, now we need to start applying them. On the INSAT series, i would really like to know the cost savings to the Govt because of using Indian owned communication satellites instead of foreign owned ones. The point i am trying to make is that, the country has shown its strength in these areas, but we need to make sure it benefits the people.

India To Launch Its Heaviest Satellite From Kourou
INSAT-4A Launched Successfully

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